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The Humanities Institute’s new area of Digital Humanities and Media Studies (DHMS), under the directorship of Anke Finger (LCL), seeks to engage the UConn community in debates, explorations, and exchange on all aspects related to the Digital Humanities and Media Studies. read more

Information Overload in Network Time I: How to Find Your DH Community

As definitional efforts in Digital Humanities and Media Studies are ongoing – which better be the case in any field deeming itself vibrant (see last week’s post) – news items in these fields become a maze of hyperlinks. So you want to find out what’s going on? Where the workshops, conferences, unconferences, not-so-much-talks and virtual […]

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The Digital in the Humanities, the Media all around Us

Welcome to a new academic year, welcome to a new initiative by the UConn Humanities Institute: Digital Humanities and Media Studies (DHMS) will feature prominently in future UCHI programming with talks, workshops, resources, news, dialog. Most importantly, we seek to build our nascent DHMS community across campus and beyond. Networks already exist between the library, […]

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