The Humanities Institute’s  Digital Humanities and Media Studies (DHMS) initiative, under the directorship of Yohei Igarashi (English), engages the UConn community in explorations and exchanges about all aspects related to the digital humanities and media studies, particularly as they pertain to knowledge production in the humanities. The DHMS initiative was founded in 2016, and directed from 2016-2019, by Anke Finger (German).

Digital humanities and media studies are uniquely in dialogue at UConn, with faculty and students already working either in one or both, and displaying an interdisciplinary and international richness of scholarly inquiry, experimentation, and publication. The Humanities Institute’s goal is to foster this work by offering talks, supporting and organizing events, sponsoring reading groups, and generally bringing the DHMS community at UConn together. The Humanities Institute also offers a Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities and Media Studies.

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