Fall 2019 Digital Toolbox Working Group meetings

Our meetings this semester will be:

Wednesday, September 18th at 3:30 (UCHI Conference Room)
Wednesday, October 9th at 3:30 (Heritage Room – 4th floor of the library)
Monday, November 4th at 11:35 (Austin 246)

The meetings of the working group for 2019-2020 are supported by Nancy K. Baym (Microsoft) through the generous gift of her honorarium.

Our meetings will cover (9/18) the ethics of multimodal and digital composition and popular multimodal and digital tools for the classroom; (10/9) Tableau; (11/6) Omeka. Although our first meeting of this semester will not be as tool based as many others, we feel that it is vital to the success of our group to consider the ethical implications of this work before, during, and after the creation of any digital scholarship. As this will be a continued focus, we will begin with that and continue our discussions of ethical scholarship throughout this semester and beyond.

We will also have an optional hour after each meeting to work on current projects, conference with other members on ideas or current work, or attend an optional coding pickup course! This semester we will focus on the conceptual underpinnings of code, HTML, and Python.

All are welcome to attend! Come for the discussions, coding, cookies, or any combination thereof.

Please reach out to Kelly with questions, comments, or concerns at kelly.mahaffy@uconn.edu. For more on the group and its aims and focus, see here.